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Chicza is an all natural, organic and biodegradable chewing gum that has its origins in the Mayan Rainforest.

Harvested sustainably from living Chicozapote trees by a native community within the forest, Chicza chewing gum is the top choice for people who care about the planet and want to look after their own health.

Chicza is a fantastic, healthy alternative to the other low grade, chemically infused, synthetic gums on the market.

Buy a pack of Chicza today and you will not only be making the best choice for your health and the environment, but you will also be supporting the livelihood of a Chiclero and his family; people who greatly respect and care deeply for the forest they live in.

Become part of a growing movement today, buy a pack of Chicza and take a step away from contemptible, second-rate companies and organisations who are so willing to sacrifice the health of people and the planet in order to fulfill their greedy desires for generating large profits.

Thank you for your support, we would love to see you again soon!